Information for Authors

Information for Authors

Authors studying the fields of administration, law, canon law, and State-Church relations, in line with → the purpose and thematic scope of the periodical, are invited to submit their papers to the “Biuletyn Stowarzyszenia Absolwentów i Przyjaciół Wydziału Prawa Katolickiego Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego”.

The paper should be original, i.e. not published before, either as a whole or in parts. The paper may not be submitted for publication in another journal or magazine at the same time.

Copyright Notice: Creative Commons CC-BY.

    • Deadline for submission of articles to issue 1: 31st March
      Deadline to publish the issue 1: 30th June 
    • Deadline for submission of articles to issue 2: 30th September
      Deadline to publish the issue 2: 31st December

Authors sends their papers for publication by electronic means to the Editorial Board’s address: The text should be saved in a format readable by popular text editors: MS Word (all versions), Open Office (all versions). The formatting should be kept to a minimum: paragraph indents, alignment, italics. A copy of submitted materials should be kept on an electronic storage medium until the actual publication.

The Editorial Board reserve the right not to admit the submitted paper to the → review procedure or printing due to the Author’s failure to comply with the subject-matter and formal requirements.

Along with the paper, the Author is required to submit (scan to the e-mail address of the Editorial Board) a Statement on Originality (→ Polish version/ → English version). The statement contains declarations on, but not only, authorship, contribution of other authors, sources of funding. This is how the Editorial Board takes care of the highest degree of journal’s scientific reliability (→ ghostwriting firewall) in accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Publications Ethics (→ COPE).

Authors are required to conclude an Agreement (within the deadline specified by the Editorial Board) and send the original copy of the agreement to the address of the Editorial Board (→ agreement).

The fee for the publication of the article is 550 PLN

Authors are solely liable for data and information contained in the submitted paper.

The text should not exceed one publisher’s sheet (i.e. 40,000 characters, i.e. a maximum of 15 pages of standard text; font: Times New Roman; main body of the text: 12; interline spacing: 1.5 lines; footnotes: 10; interline spacing: 1 line).

The text (with a separate introduction, individual thematic headers and conclusion) should go with an abstract (up to 2000 characters with spaces) in Polish and English, 4-5 keywords in Polish and English (but not repeating the title of the article verbatim), and the title in English. If the text is in a language other than Polish or English, please, attach the abstract, keywords and title also in the original language.

Articles and abstracts made in a foreign language need to be approved/verified by a native speaker or translator.

Along with the paper, Authors also submit, in a separate document, the following information to the Editorial Board’s email address: name and surname; → ORCID number; academic degree and title; affiliation; workplace with address; e-mail; mailing address and telephone number (for the exclusive use by the Editorial Board).

Bibliography formatted in accordance with → the Chicago Manual of Style – to be placed after the text in the alphabetical order. It should not include the sources of law and case-law; for the literary sources used, please, provide a full description of the publication while a short reference should be made in the main body of the text in square brackets. The sources of law and case-law (if any) should be referenced only in footnotes.

→ see References and bibliography guidelines

Failure by Authors to submit the author’s proof within a prescribed deadline (7 days) will be regarded as consent to publish the paper in its existing form.